New horizons await. Lundros journey continues

Lundros was established in Stockholm in 2011 by business enthusiasts Marcus Rosenholm and Oscar Lundberg. Since then, we have created phenomenal products while fostering a fantastic work environment where our team is paramount. Throughout our journey, we’ve reached significant milestones, shattered records, and had an incredible time doing it.

In 2021, we embarked on the next phase of our journey – the international arena. We are excited about taking Lundros and our brands to a global audience.

In April 2023, we suffered the loss of Marcus after his courageous battle with cancer. His legacy remains a driving force for us to fulfill our goals. We are resolute and committed to achieving them in his memory.

Best regards,

Oscar & Marcus, founders of Lundros

Executive team

Only the best specialists will work with you

Oscar Lundberg

Group CEO

As our Group CEO, Oscar Lundberg leads the company, shapes its strategy, and drives growth.

Josefine Stenberg

Head of HR

Josefine Stenberg plays a
pivotal role in managing human resources and optimizing operational efficiency across the company.

Lorena Isefält

Executive Assistant

Lorena Isefält manages invoicing processes for both customers and suppliers alongsidethe role as Office Manager.

Myrna Whitaker

Editor in Chief

Myrna Whitaker leads our editorial team. She oversees content strategy, ensuring it aligns with our vision and audience interests. Myrna's sharp editorial eye, combined with her leadership, drives excellence in our publications, fostering engagement and trust among our readers.

Anna Broberg

Anna Broberg

Web Editor

Anna Broberg, holds the role of Web Editor at Lundros. Her expertise in web content management ensures our digital presence remains top-notch. Anna meticulously oversees our online content, ensuring it's engaging, up-to-date, and aligns with our editorial strategy.

Emilia Granberg

Print Editor

Emilia Granberg, our Print Editor, is responsible for orchestrating the production of our extensive print magazine portfolio, comprising more than 25 issues annually.

Marcus Nilsson

Business Area Manager

Marcus Nilsson is the Head of our Partnering and Ad-Hoc Sales Department, where he leads a team of eight dedicated professionals. In this crucial role, he focuses on building and nurturing partnerships while overseeing ad-hoc sales efforts.

Jesper Eklund

Business Area Manager

Jesper Eklund leads our Online Sales Department, overseeing a team of four talented professionals. He drives our online advertising initiatives, collaborating closely with clients to deliver effective digital marketing campaigns.

Our brands.

Branschaktuellt is a leading source for current news within the construction, infrastructure, energy, and industrial sectors.

Lundros industry magazines and websites with local presence. We are located in Norway, Finland, and soon Denmark. The content is based on the same grounds as Branschaktuellt.

Branschstegen is Lundros recruitment site. Our vision is to become the leading platform in the Nordics for recruitment within the construction and industrial sectors. Branschstegen offers you a comprehensive toolbox of features to facilitate your career transition.

Do you have our next brand?

Lundros is continuously searching for new brands, both to launch and acquire. Do you have an idea or a niche publication and want to become a part of Lundros’ journey? Contact us.