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Lundros International industry magazines and websites with local presence. We are located in Norway, Finland, and soon Denmark. The content is based on the same grounds as Branschaktuellt.

iRadar Norway

Lead reporter is Hilde Wexels Riser.

iRadar Finland

Lead reporter is Myrna Whitaker.

iRadar Denmark

Lead reporter is Johann Bernövall.

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A word from the Lead reporters

Anna Broberg
"At IndustryRadar, our cross-border collaboration between editors in Denmark, Norway, and Finland is key to creating unique content for our readers. By pooling our expertise and insights across these countries, we're able to offer a richer, more comprehensive perspective on the construction, property, and infrastructure sectors. This collaborative approach ensures that our content is not just locally relevant but also resonates on a broader, international level, providing our readers with unparalleled value."
Anna Broberg
Web Editor

The sectors we cover


IndustryRadar covers the construction industry, focusing on sectors like residential and commercial building, civil engineering projects, and construction technology. It highlights innovations in building materials and methods, and also addresses construction management, safety standards, and environmental considerations.


IndustryRadar covers the Property and Real Estate sector, emphasizing aspects beyond brokerage. It focuses on B2B property management, including maintenance, facility management, and commercial real estate development. The magazine provides insights into sustainable building practices, property investment trends, and the evolving landscape of urban and industrial property development.


In the Infrastructure sector, IndustryRadar offers comprehensive coverage of large-scale projects and developments. This includes transportation networks like roads and railways, public utilities such as water and sewage systems, and telecommunications infrastructure. The magazine delves into project financing, public-private partnerships, and innovations in infrastructure technology, emphasizing sustainable and efficient design.


For the Energy sector, IndustryRadar focuses on both traditional and renewable energy sources. Coverage includes the development and management of energy projects, such as oil and gas extraction, solar and wind farms, and energy storage solutions. The magazine explores the evolving energy landscape, discussing topics like energy policy, market trends, and technological advancements in energy production and distribution.


In the Industry sector, the magazine covers a range of industries including mining, oil, component manufacturing, and other industrial manufacturing processes. The focus is on industrial innovations, supply chain management, and market dynamics. IndustryRadar also highlights topics like industrial safety, environmental impacts, and the integration of new technologies in manufacturing and production processes.