Branschaktuellt recognized as a 2023 Gasellföretag

Branschaktuellt is thrilled to announce that it has been honored as a Gasellföretag for the year 2023. This prestigious recognition is awarded to companies that meet stringent criteria reflecting rapid growth, financial health, and sustained success.

The Gasellföretag award is a testament to Branschaktuellt’s commitment to excellence and innovation. To be considered a Gasellföretag, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • Net Revenue: The company’s net revenue must exceed 10 million Swedish Kronor, as confirmed by the latest annual financial report.
  • Minimum Employees: It should have a minimum of ten employees, as indicated in the most recent annual financial report.
  • Revenue Growth: The company must have more than doubled its revenue when comparing the first and most recent fiscal years within the four-year survey period.
  • Consistent Revenue Growth: Branschaktuellt has demonstrated revenue growth in each of the past three years.
  • Positive Operating Results: Over the past four fiscal years, the company has consistently maintained a positive aggregate operating result.
  • Organic Growth: The significant growth achieved by Branschaktuellt is primarily organic, reflecting the company’s ability to expand and succeed through its core business activities, without relying on acquisitions or mergers.
  • Financial Health: Branschaktuellt stands out for its overall financial stability and health, making it a model of financial prudence and sustainability.

Being recognized as a Gasellföretag is a significant milestone for Branschaktuellt, and it underscores the dedication and hard work of the entire team. This achievement is not just a recognition of past success but also a testament to the bright future that lies ahead for the company.

“This award is a result of the unwavering commitment of our team to delivering high-quality business news and information. We are proud of our consistent growth and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to expand our reach.”

Oscar Lundberg, Group CEO Lundros

Branschaktuellt remains committed to its mission of providing Nordic businesses with industry-leading media content and news. The Gasellföretag recognition serves as further motivation to continue pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in the world of business journalism.

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